A downloadable game

This is a board game called "Tower Rush"

The basic concept of the game is to build a tower 10 levels tall before anyone else, using a pile of blocks in the middle of the table. However, things can be complicated by a deck of cards dictating when you can place blocks vertically or horizontally, and you can be interrupted by other players messing with your build from time to time.

The Rules document is attached, as well as some card artwork for the cards needed. Also included is a printable file that contains all of the assets needed for a 4 player game. To conserve file size, the print file isn't of the best quality, so you can use the higher quality file to set up your own pages.

Install instructions

Reference the "Tower Rush.pdf" file for play instructions.

"Tower Siege Print File.pdf" is in case you wish to print your own cards for play. (We tested by sleeving the card prints in front of Magic The Gathering cards)


Tower Rush.pdf 1 MB
Tower Siege Print File.pdf 1 MB
Card Images (higher quality).pdf 6 MB

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